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"What Do You Eat"

"You Have To Eat Meat"

"Where Do You Get Your Protein"

I have heard these questions so many times since I began my journey in January 2016, which started as a New Year's resolution of becoming vegetarian to 3 years later going to a full plant based diet. It wasn't easy at first so I started slow only eating meat based products 6-8 times a week. Until I finally felt capable of eliminating all animal based products from my diet. With options being limited to eat outside, with this new diet I embraced I had to learn how to prepare meals for myself.  How can I make myself eat all these greens in the world. From that the the idea of creating Eat Greenz began.

- Chet (Owner)


Eat Greenz LLC specializes in creating healthy soul food plant based dishes. So many times we hear people ask what does a person who is vegan or chooses a plant based diet even eat. So we decided to create a business looking to bring delicious food for people's health and the health of our planet. Showing the world the beauty of a plant based diet.

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